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30 Apr


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Seven Sales Tips: Lead nurturing to grow a Construction Business

April 30, 2014 | By | No Comments

For the construction business, nurturing customers leads to growth.

The most valuable thing in the construction business is existing clients. In today’s tight economy and aggressive competition it is definitely a buyers’ market.  So, personal selling techniques are the keys to growth.

Here are some valuable tips that I’ve learned from my construction business experience to grow and nurture your construction clients.  While sales management in a specialty trade such as roofing construction can be better organized with tools and customer relationship management CRM software, there’s nothing like the on-the-ground personal connection fostered by an experienced sales professional.

  1. Customer Focus:
    The client has to be your only focus all day from open to close. How are you going to “WOW” them? I like to call it “delivering a world-class client experience”, to every guest, EVERY TIME”!
  2. Treat all prospects and clients the same:
    The concept behind customer focus is to treat every client the same.  Do not pre-judge them of show special treatment from one to the other. In doing this you will ensure repetition and efficiency because each client feeling attended to in a personal way is what makes a client happy and feeling special.
  3. Use your experience to anticipate client needs:
    You’ve likely got a lot of experience in the construction business.  Use this experience to anticipate client needs at each encounter.  While it may not work out exactly as you anticipated — there are always surprises — thinking through your call in advance pays dividends.  Briefly think through various requests or needs; this will keep you prepared every time you interact with them.
  4. Think about getting lead referrals:
    You will obviously grow your business and fatten your profits by taking good care of your current and past clients. In doing so, you will be more likely to get solid referrals. A satisfied client will refer you on to other prospects and you should, in turn, treat them with equal high-quality attention
  5. Marketing power in “word-of-mouth” advertising:
    Word of mouth is the most powerful network tool there is. As you amass positive referrals, you will build a valuable word-of-mouth network.  So, build your network intentionally.  Ask for those customer referrals after you’ve completed that successful job.
  6. Repeat business–pay attention to satisfied customers:
    The more repeat business you have the less you have to spend on advertising and marketing thus keeping your costs down. Your ROI (return on investment) should always be growing. By nurturing your past customers, you will be increasing your chances of a follow-on job and boosting that marketing ROI. You will be building a business relationship based on trust and loyalty.
  7. Create a “connection” by showing sincere interest in your client:
    By showing sincere interest in your customer’s personal stories and aspirations, you will build trust and connection.   If they feel a connection, your chances of booking the deal go way up.  Create connections in a one-on-one settings with each prospect and client.For example, if you’ve just concluded a bid meeting with them, and you’re there chatting, be curious.  If you know they’re a car enthusiast, ask questions and express interest.     Learn from them what they know about various car models and brands. Such friendly conversations shifts the role from you to them: now you’re a listener instead of being the expert and selling your contracting services.  Showing sincere interest builds mutual respect and creates a connection.

There you have it for now.  Seven tips to grow and nurture your client.  We at MaxCon software know the construction business and have actively used these tips and found them winning business building tools for the contractor.

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MaxCon Plus provides the single or multiple office construction company a next generation estimating system to move from paper based operations or overpriced estimating software’s to a single centralized process to assist in estimating construction projects.

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